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    Why become our partner?

    Our Partnership Program redirects our expat student to reliable service providers in a wide variety of expat-related sectors, including: Formalities, Housing, Taxation, Finance & Insurance, Education & Careers, Personal & Social Needs, and Culture & Leisure.

    250-300 expats attend our Dutch courses each year. We also have groups on Facebook and MeetUp (29.000 members in total!) that we may be able to offer for your services and events.

    Win-win situation

    We do not offer free promotions for other services. We are looking for a win-win situation. Maybe our expat students are looking for your services and your expat clients for our Dutch courses? The same expats could be your satisfied clients and our happy students at the same time. So why shouldn’t we work together?

    We are looking for a strong win-win collaboration: 1+1=3. Shall we meet each other and discuss opportunities?

    What can our Partnership Program offer your company?

    • Your company will be published on our partners page with all information about your company’s services and your contact information displayed on the website of Dutch Academy Eindhoven, including a direct link to your company’s website.
    • We will recommend your company to our expat students.
    • You can refer to your company as an Official Partner of Dutch Academy Eindhoven.


    To join The Dutch Academy Eindhoven Partnership Program, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Your company has at least 100 regular expat clients
    • All company information has to be available in English on your website, in flyers, forms and in client services.
    • You will place a webpage about Dutch Academy Eindhoven on your own company’s website.

    We look forward to working with your company and to helping make the South Netherlands an even more interesting location for expats and international companies to settle!

    If you are interested in joining The Dutch Academy Eindhoven Partnership Program, please fill out our registration form and we will contact you as soon as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.
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