Private Intensive Dutch course: Semi-Intermediate A2 level for 1 person >
Start: This/next week
Location: Your place (Eindhoven area)

Option 1

Hours: 40 hours (20 classes x 2 hours)
Duration: 20 weeks (20 classes of 2 hours each)
Lessons: Once a week

Option 2

Hours: 40 hours (20 classes x 2 hours)
Duration: 10 weeks (20 classes of 2 hours each)
Lessons: Twice a week

Homework: 200 hours (10 hours per week)
Class size: Only you
Starting level: A2 level Semi-Intermediate
Materials: Book Simpel Nederlands, hand-outs*
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+ Online materials: Dutch vocabulary
+ Online materials: Survival Dutch
+ Online materials: Dutch Essentials
+ Online materials: Business Dutch
+ Online materials: Dutch video
+ Online materials: Dutch online exercises
+ Online materials: Dutch pronunciation (video + audio)
+ Online materials: NT2 state exam – NT2 examen
+ Online materials: Civic Integration Exam – Inburgeringsexamen

+ Online tests: Dutch online tests + Certificate of Dutch Academy Eindhoven

+ Online book: Online Book Simpel Nederlands (included)
+ Online book: Online Textbook + audio (included)

Dutch Course Eindhoven